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Orthopedic/TMJ Feedback

I can't begin to say how much this clinic has helped me! They are very compassionate and thorough with treatments!

- MD

Carol, I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for all your help and assistance with my physical therapy. It has been such help and a blessing. I am so grateful. Your whole office was so gracious. Thank you so much.


I love coming here! This is my third PT in 2 1/2 years and I have had the most success here! Thank you!!

- VG

I was pleased and impressed with the friendly, professional, and caring atmosphere!

- BS

Thank you so much for teaching me the greatness of life and the skills to better myself. I will forever remember that MY well-being and health is far more important than a nice juicy steak! Thank you again.

- Sydney L., December, 2016

Heather, I'm so thankful that I found you to be my physiotherapist; I feel like it was meant to be. You have guided me to listen and pay attention to my body and to not internalize tension within myself. I'm not only thankful for helping me progress so much physically. Your listening ears and pertinent advice was often just as helpful as your healing hands. You are as wise as an owl. I know that there are many more women who will be so lucky to find you, and I'm grateful that I was one of them.

- René

“Cindy, Thank You! I was honestly not sure that PT could help me keep doing the things I love doing best. And here I am doing it all: tennis, hiking, trail work and gardening. (The dance floor still awaits.) I valued your approach and listening skills as well as your hand-on work----particularly your willingness to incorporate Feldenkrais into our sessions. Now, when I am tired, sore and hurting, I just get down on the floor and work it out. So long, ALEVE!


I have to tell you, Heather, that all your work with me has made a HUGE difference not only with diminishing and managing the pain, but with raising my awareness about all the things I can do to keep conscious of this part of my body, you are REALLY good at what you do! I shall miss not only your amazing bodywork, but your words of wisdom as well.....truly. I highly recommend your services for future patients needing physical therapy. Thanks for everything, Heather. You are the best!

- DM

Cindy Roundtree is an expert in the field of TMJ physical therapy. Within the first few visits, she was able to isolate my pain and deliver physical therapy that alleviated my discomfort. She willingly taught me how my jaw pain relates to other body parts including habits that I was not fully aware of. Cindy is thoughtful, caring and very patient. I highly recommend Cindy for TMJ physical therapy.

- LB

This may sound like an exaggeration but it's not: Carol and her team, through astute assessment, caring attention, and an intelligent treatment plan, improved the quality of my life to a degree that defies my ability to express in words. When I came in for my first appointment I was suffering from severe leg pain, neck pain, a shoulder muscle separation, and swelling of my legs due to poor circulation; my activities were significantly limited (not being able to engage in sports was particularly frustrating). But after one course of treatments with Carol, Cindy, and Lisa which included bodywork (by Carol); manual PT and strength training (with Cindy); the best massages I've ever had (by Lisa); and biofeedback training (Carol, Lisa, and Cindy) to reduce stress, relax musculature, and thereby increase circulation, I feel like a new person! The leg and neck pains and swollen legs are gone, and my shoulder muscles have come back to their proper alignment; I am now stronger and in better shape than I have been in years and I'm back to most of my normal activities including walking without limits and a return to the racquetball court. Thank you all!

- Barry B., September 14, 2016

This is my chance to give you immense gratitude for all the care you [Heather] have given me over the last several months. I really appreciate all of your wisdom, compassion, and expertise on the body and the are a gem and I'm so glad I worked with you when I did. I would highly recommend your services to anyone in need of body care, especially women. Anyway, thanks for all the healing and I send many blessings to you!

- Amanda P.

I would like to express some words of appreciation for Cindy Roundtree. She is a woman who has a special gift for making me feel comfortable as we worked towards helping me with body changes due to menopause. I appreciate the word and effort she gave to me while in her care!

- CV

Best Physical Therapy I've had in many years!!

- JT

I was treated well years ago and came back to Carol when my doctor prescribed therapy again, I have recommended Carol to others! Everyone I've been in contact with here are professional, courteous, and thorough!

- TN

The clinic provides excellent therapeutic physical therapy that works your mind and body. I have never experienced such excellent care. The staff and PT's are experts but yet very compassionate. That's a hard service to find these days!

- CM

The increasing stiffness of my back has been greatly alleviated by your therapist Heather. The discomfort and pain are significantly reduced. An added benefit is learning movements and techniques that not only prevent relapse but also encourage overall health.

- LS

I was apprehensive and unsure of what to expect, now I not only advocate for this therapy and Heather as a therapist, but feel as if I am a new woman!

- JA

I have spent years trying alternative medicine as well as physical therapy, I have had better results overall with Heather. Thank you!

- SR

Wonderful care! I've learned a lot. The caring and understanding staff makes treatment so much better!

- AS

Excellent experience all around. My level of pain is greatly improved and my therapist, Heather, has a great understanding of my condition and how to best treat me.

- ES

My doctor referred me to Carol a couple of weeks ago. Initially, my expectations were not great as my insurance wasn’t covering, I didn’t know Carol and the location seemed out of the way. Boy, was I in for a surprise! Now, I can’t praise Carol enough! I was so impressed. I was especially impressed by her magnanimousness when I elected to come only once. Carol did everything she could to help me and leave me with the most complete guidelines on what exercises to do and how. She was kind, helpful and thorough. And I’ve been doing my exercises for decades and decades. Never have I had such an informed, helpful critique as the one she gave me! I see now how some of these could have exacerbating my problem. I’ve never met anyone like her, who is so expert in physical therapy, the body, exercises etc. As the saying goes, some days we get chickens; other days – feathers! Meeting Carol – I got chickens. Thanks again!

- SS

I walked into Heather’s office with a 10-year-old S.I. joint/back problem that some 20 different practitioners (physical therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, a physiatrist, acupuncturist, a whole body dentist, cranial-facial pain specialist…the list goes on) have all taken a stab at fixing. A few of them, over time, moved me towards better health by addressing my TMJ and giving me braces, but I continuously slipped back into pain. I was skeptical, after all these years, about returning to the beginning of my journey – to a physical therapist. But Heather was recommended by a Portland dentist who specializes in TMJ issues. And Heather isn’t your average physical therapist. TMJ disorders are her area of expertise; and she has deep knowledge and intelligence about her craft, and she has the drive and curiosity to keep learning new techniques. She has given me effective exercises that allow me to manage the problem on my own. Through biofeedback, which no one else had ever suggested, we learned the neck/head position that keeps me better aligned and out of muscle stress. She also taught me about proper breathing and the larger bodily consequences of daily stress. No one, within the plethora of practitioners I saw in the large east coast city from which I recently moved, gave me the time and range of tools she has offered. Thanks to Heather, I can exercises again, understanding the limits of what movements I can do and what I should avoid. Her goal has been for me to stop needing physical therapy, and, miraculously, it looks like I’m there. As anyone who has lived with pain knows, there is no greater gift than returning to a pain-free life! Thank You!!

- Kyna

Pelvic Rehab Feedback

Staff is very friendly. They make what could be an awkward situation comfortable. Love how the environment was professional yet welcoming.

- TG

After the vaginal birth of my second child I found myself having severe pain during intercourse. I was referred to Carol and WOW! I quickly learned I had suffered way too long. Carol is amazing. She made me feel very comfortable from the beginning and her knowledge of the pelvic floor is incredible. I'm so grateful for her care and the fact I can enjoy sex again!

- JZ

Over the 24 years since my diagnosis of MS-related bladder problems, I have lost count of the number of urologists I have consulted with complaints about frequency, hesitancy and pain. After several months of intensive work with outstanding physical therapist Heather Hannam, we were able to achieve improved function that reduced pain and frequency and allowed more normal voiding. I am now able to plan outings unimpeded by concerns about facilities. It was a real improvement in the quality of my life

- MH

My doctor at the Mayo clinic recommended biofeedback for the pelvic floor eight years ago. Now I know why! It works! Having bowel incontinence for more than thirteen years, in addition to mercury and lead toxicity with multiple chemical and food sensitivities, I just didn't follow up on the biofeedback. Nor did I fully understand what it was. Biofeedback helps one re-learn what muscles have forgotten. By actually seeing on the computer what muscles are being used, one can then practice control and improve this function. Carol's patient and intuitive coaching combined with the biofeedback therapy has been amazingly helpful. I wish I had begun this therapy long ago!


Carol helped me change my life in an immense way. When I began therapy almost a year ago I was scared, I was afraid of sharing my story, afraid of the pain, and afraid that I may not recover. Despite my fears, Carol invited me into a place of healing where I felt comfortable and safe. I had been struggling with vaginismus ever since adolescence, it plagued me for a long time taxing me both mentally and physically. I cannot express how utterly ecstatic I am about the goals I have reached from pelvic floor therapy. The harmony I now have between my mind and body is something I will never take for granted. I use to separate my reproductive system from the rest of my body, now I have embraced all that I a physically and so my mind is at rest. Carol has always been so genuine and kind. I felt so comfortable asking questions, and Carol always answered them in a way I understood. I really enjoyed receiving informational handouts that gave me the tools to triumph over vaginismus. I once believed that I would grow up alone with a partner and without children, but now I know that the future holds so much more for me than that.

- SF

Carol is the 'miracle working' therapist everyone hopes to be lucky enough to find when injured or in pain. I spent one year and four months in pain after a car accident until I was referred to Carol and Orthopedic & TMJ Physical Therapy Center for pelvic floor therapy. Prior to physical therapy, I could not have intercourse with my husband without cramping, vaginal pain, hip, buttocks and inner thigh pain which would leave me limping. I could not walk for more than two blocks without crippling pain. My marriage was in meltdown, not to mention my emotional and mental state of health. Until we are injured, we take for granted that those complex internal muscles will just work for us. I met with much reluctance and discomfort even talking about pain in my 'private parts' with other health professionals. I went to two chiropractors, an osteopath, two gynecologists, four massage therapists and three other physical therapists before I found Carol. After my first visit with Carol, I had incredible relief from the intra-vaginal work she did. This new sensation of absence of constant pain made me giddy! It only improved from there. Carol and her staff are wonderful. The setting is homey and relaxing, the people are friendly yet professional. I would advise anyone who has been injured or has a disease not to wait to get treatment because of fear or embarassment. Pelvic floor therapy with Carol has given me back my life: my sense of humor, my positive attitude, marital harmony, and the ability to perform daily tasks and to exercise again. The greatest gift is freedom from pain, and I can't thank Carol enough for that.

- FS

Each woman's experience with vulvodynia (vulvar pain) is truly personal and different from everyone else's. This condition may be difficult for some to discuss with family or friends. I have found sharing the experience and feelings with other women who suffer from the same condition often help smooth a rough journey. My own experience started about five years ago. Along my journey I was treated by more than eight healthcare professionals and tried a variety of therapies and medications. After a five-year roller coaster of a battle, I have finally come to the point of physical and emotional healing. I owe a huge part of my improvement to Orthopedic & TMJ Physical Therapy Center. They offered me a warm and caring environment where I felt safe to explore different options in suggested therapies. Their approach to healthcare emphasizes treating the body and spirit as a whole. I not only found relief for my vulvar pain, but also was guided by the staff to a more healthful life. I was given insight into being more 'in touch' with my body: learning skills for relaxation, stress relief, good nutrition, and overall wellness.


Carol, I want to let you know how appreciative of you I am. You have helped to change my life in an immense way. When I began therapy almost a year ago I was scared, I was afraid of sharing my story, afraid of the pain, and afraid that I may not recover. Despite my fears, you invited me into a place of healing where I felt comfortable and safe. I had been struggling with vaginismus ever adolescence, it plagued me for a long time taxing me both mentally and physically. I cannot express how utterly ecstatic I am about the goals I have reached from pelvic floor therapy. The harmony I now have between my mind and body is something I will never take for granted. I use to separate my reproductive system from the rest of my body, now I have embraced all that I am physically and so my mind is at rest.
You have always been so genuine and kind. I felt so comfortable asking questions, and you always answered them in a way I understood. I really enjoyed receiving informational handouts that gave me the tools to triumph over vaginismus. I once believed that I would grow up alone with a partner and without children, but now I know that the future hold so much more for me than that.
Once again, thank you for everything you have done. I am honest when I say that you will always hold a special place in my heart as someone who has helped me to grow into the person that I am today.

- a grateful client

I want to express my appreciation for the professional care and support from Heather Hannam. Heather's patience, encouragement, and exceptional skills provide the opportunity for a better quality life. She has helped me with breathing, taught me exercises to ease jaw, neck and back pain, and continues to search/find new methods for improving my condition. Her dedication and obvious interest in patient well-being is in and of itself uplifting. I have a better understanding of my condition and with this information am better able to cope and work toward the best I can be.
I wish there were more adequate words to express my gratitude for Heather's intuition regarding the increasing shoulder pain I have been experiencing and ignoring since last year. Upon her suggestion I sought further medical evaluation and was informed by a surgeon that my left shoulder has a torn rotator cuff and bone spur. Surgery is scheduled.
I shared the embarrassing situation of being unable to sit comfortably for long periods without pain. Heather graciously listened, asked questions and provided a model for me to point out the location of pain. As a result of her care, I later went out to dinner and was able to comfortably sit and enjoy the meal - without pain! I had previously shared my "problem" with two physicians during routine visits for other issues and had been told "there's nothing in that area, don't worry and use soft seating options". To be relieved of pain - especially for such a basic function of every day life....'thank you' sounds inadequate!

- BE

As post-prostatectomy patient, I experienced significant urinary urgency. After seeking help from a myriad of healthcare professionals, I finally made my way to Carol Conrades, P.T. Through the use of biofeedback and caring, supportive counsel from Carol, I was able, after almost a year, to nearly eliminate this extremely annoying problem from my life. Her approach focused more on the relaxation response rather than the typical pelvic floor tightening which, although helpful in controlling urinary incontinence, did not address my particular problems. I would highly recommend Carol and her clinic to anyone with a similar problem, who is willing to be patient and persistent in healing this malady.

- LM

I was diagnosed with non-bacterial prostatitis by a urologist after a few weeks of multiple symptoms, which included frequent/urgent/incomplete urination, dysuria (burning), perineal and tailbone pain, and rectal discomfort. My profession involves a lot of sitting, which was becoming increasingly more uncomfortable. Although there was microscopic blood in my urine, tests were negative for infection. Somewhat of a hypochondriac by nature, I was very anxious about the possibility of having undiagnosed prostate cancer. My urologist followed the usual protocol of prescribing a month of strong antibiotics, and said he did not think I had prostate cancer because my PSA was very low, although he said my prostate felt "boggy". The usual protocol would have been to prescribe more antibiotics, and undergo invasive exploratory tests to rule out various causes. However my urologist seemed to be saying that he really didn't have much to offer in the way of actual help for non-bacterial prostatitis.
I began to do my own research and learned about men with my symptoms that were prescribed years of antibiotics with no relief. Some people reported that such invasive procedures as prostate massage and cystoscopy were painful and made things worse. I read that antibiotics are often wrongly prescribed for this condition because urologists are at a loss regarding how else to treat, using the rationale that there might somehow be undetectable bacteria. I learned that many men suffer with this condition. Luckily, I came across the work of some Stanford University urologists who believe that "non-bacterial prostatitis" is not initially a problem originating in the prostate, but instead a condition caused by chronic constriction of the muscles of the pelvic floor. The muscular condition can cause prostate related symptoms due to constriction around the organs which rest on the pelvic floor. I highly recommend reading "A Headache in the Pelvis," by Drs. Wise and Anderson. It is very readable, holistic, and does a great job of making sense of a confusing, and sometimes controversial condition (if you have been online, you know what I mean).
I discovered a Portland physical therapist named Heather Hannam an Orthopedic and TMJ PT, who is versed in the kind of trigger point release prescribed by the Stanford doctors. Heather helped me to recognize the pelvic tension that had silently existed for a long time. She is very knowledgeable, proficient, down-to-earth, and compassionate. She was willing to explain things and even to train my partner in some of the massage techniques. Over the past few months my symptoms have greatly reduced and some have been eliminated. Some of the work has involved working on my anxiety, as the pelvic muscles are one of the main sites that the body stores tension. It is fortunate that Portland has physical therapist Heather Hannam, who is familiar with the ideas and treatment found in the book I talked about above.

- JD

I don't know if you remember me, but I was a patient of yours in mid-late 2007. I wanted to, once again, thank you for everything you did for me and all the help you provided. I also wanted to update you on my of last Christmas I hadn't had a sexual partner in over a year. I started seeing someone in early December last year. We had sex at the end of December, and it was my first sexual experience since our therapy ended. My partner and I talked about my condition before hand and he was very understanding. Nevertheless, I was very nervous. The good news is that I felt a MAJOR improvement!! The pain on a scale of 1 to 10 was about a 2...which is absolutely amazing to me, considering it was about a 9 or 10 for sooo long. I actually cried after the first time (which I am sure freaked him out, but he seemed to understand). As time went on , we tried having sex more frequently and to my surprise if we did it multiple times in one day, it hurt less the second time. Good news! You helped me, supported me, listened to me, and made me feel confident again, I can't thank you enough for that Carol!

- AG

Work so intimate requires an exceptional kind of therapist. I am forever indebted to Cindy for her patience, support, kindness and encouragement as I continue on this liberating journey of self-discovery. It had never occurred to me that memories, childhood injuries and emotional upsets or, in fact, any traumatic experiences could still be hanging about in my vagina and pelvic floor area. For decades I had felt a detachment and disassociation from the core of my being especially in physical relationships. Thanks to Cindy's coaching and gentle internal work, I feel as if I am truly alive at last!"

- HD